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Nephrology-Hypertension Associates of Central Jersey, PA
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BP Category                Systolic                    Diastolic        
Normal                   <120 mm Hg        &     <80 mm Hg
Elevated  BP         120–129 mm Hg    &    <80 mm Hg
       Stage 1          130–139 mm Hg    or   80–89 mm Hg
       Stage 2            ≥140 mm Hg       or      ≥90 mm Hg

                                                     after AHA Guidelines 2017

Sweeping but subtle changes in Blood Pressure targets were released late in 2017 to reflect the evidence accumulated from the scientific literature. Target blood pressure is now considered to be 130/80.

"Pre-hypertension" has been replaced with the term "Elevated blood pressure" to identify those individuals who would especially benefit from non-medicinal treatment, including:

1. Weight loss

2. Exercise

3. Limiting excessive salt intake

4. Mildly increasing potassium intake (fruits & vegetables)

5. Treatment of Sleep Apnea

Nephrology-Hypertension Associates of Central Jersey, PA

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